3 Ways to Make Your Home Decor Truly Unique

3 ways to make your home decor truly unique

When it comes to crafting your home decor, it really is just that: a craft. Creating a home that is comfortable, functional, and expresses your personality takes love, attention, and a few helpful tips.

Designing a space that "feels right" really is an art, but there's also some science behind the beauty. Here are some simple things to keep in mind as you plan your space. 

Surprise the eye

When you walk into a room, it's very easy for your eyes to gloss over things that are just "okay" — but don't truly stand out and grab attention. Basically, if your eye sees too much of the same thing, it's going to say "boooring!" and start filtering things out.

The key to capturing attention is to introduce variety. Let's take your accessories, for example. Instead of choosing appealing accessories at random, start strategically considering things like height, shape, and even texture. How can you mix and match different pieces to surprise your eyes and make them take notice?

Sometimes all it takes is one dramatic statement piece — such as a striking piece of art — to anchor a room and give your eye a place to go. 

Not only will your efforts to surprise the eye make your home decor unique, it will undoubtedly give you plenty to talk about with your friends and guests. 

statement piece of wall art interior design

This large-scale fine art print is a great example of incorporating art as a statement piece in your interior design. Like this painting? Visit our online shop to make "Morning Mist" a part of your home decor.

Choose a signature color

There's nothing wrong with using solid neutral colors in your home decor. In fact, neutrals are a great base for your decor as they can create the perfect backdrop for "eye surprises" from the previous tip.

Although neutrals can help your home decor become something truly special, it's pretty challenging to achieve this using only neutrals. That's where your signature color comes in to really liven things up. 

When choosing a signature color, here are some quick tips to help you find the one you'll be pleased with long term. 

  • Start with your favorite color. This is an easy way to ensure that your decor both expresses your individuality as well as being pleasing for you to look at. Within a favorite color such as blue, or green, there will be many different hues for you to choose from.
  • Determine how you want to feel in your space. Are you wanting to feel inspired or energized? How about calm or joyful? Once you've articulated your desired feeling, choose the color that brings that feeling out of you.
  • Do a test run. Start incorporating your signature color through small accessories or artwork, then work your way up to larger and "bigger commitment" pieces once you know it suits you. You can use your signature color in accessories like pillows, wall art, furniture, accent walls, etc. 

incorporating art interior design

The designer of this space tested out a vibrant green as their signature color. After incorporating flowers as an accent, they invested in a fine art painting with lots of green in the palette. You can add this painting (Path Through The Woods) to your home decor by visiting our online shop.

Display art in an unexpected way

It's truly amazing how a little creativity and the right piece of art can take your home decor to the next level. If you can find a way to display the right piece of art in a way that stands out, your space starts to "pop" in new and unexpected ways.

Your walls are always a great option for displaying art, but don't feel constrained by what's typical. Take a good look at your space to see if you can come up with other display ideas.

Some unique places to display art other than your walls could include a built-in bookcase or bookshelf, on a nightstand or end table, or on open shelving. Some art pieces and accessories also look great resting on the floor or leaning against a wall. 

It's absolutely okay for you to try new ways to display your art. After all, it's an expression of yourself. Do what feels right to you, but keep in mind that going with the unexpected is a great way to add surprise and novelty to your home decor.

Looking for art for your home?

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